Teacher Technology Resources
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Site/ Hyperlinks

THOUSANDS of *FREE* downloadable fonts! Teachers can get creative with these fun fonts! Here Are some examples:

A B C D E g


Allows you to send an e-mail to yourself in the future. The future dates are customizable and all that is required is an e-mail address in which to send the message.

Want to show your class a YouTube video, but worried about the ads on the side and in the middle? ViewPure will take our ALL of the ads for you! All you have to is copy and paste the YouTube link. Another website that does this is SafeYouTube, which now requires a subscription.

Have a question off of the state website you want to use? Snip it! Love that supercute border and can't figure out how to make it? SNIP IT! Want to show helpdesk something in your e-mail? Snip it! This tool allows you to just take a “screenshot” of just a tiny part of the screen.

It’s an app on your Windows 10 device (your school computer)

Snipping Tool Icon

Interactive Notebook Templates

This website offers a ton of FREE templates

You can do all kinds of stuff on ONE SCREEN- put up instructions, set up a timer, do a stoplight warning system, put up QR codes for scanning (if you DO have more devices), put reminders for quiet/whisper/talk, etc.

It's a visual volume detector with warnings and everything! You can choose between bouncy balls, eyeballs, bubbles, and emojis. If your kids are anything like me, they are going to want to be loud just to see the balls/bubbles bounce, so set up some sort of system- Ex: If the warning sign comes up more than once, back to individual work, etc.

Lesson Plans and Standard Searching

These have lessons based around specific standards (you can search by standard!) using Common Core ELA, Common Core Math, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Pick a favorite YouTube video, plug in the link, and Infinite Looper will play it over and over in a loop until you stop it. This is great for a display in the front of the classroom while they are doing classwork (think- they are working on metamorphasis and you have a video of a butterfly transforming playing over and over). It also works well in stations, so the students don't have to push play and you don't have to worry about it starting the next video.

Bonus: it also takes out the ads :-)

Classroom gaming (similar to kahoot) which displays the question on the student screen and not just on the teacher's screen.

Classroom gaming using picture. It can also be used with just a teacher's screen as a gameboard if the teacher asks the questions.

Classroom gaming that displays a question and answers on the teacher screen and the answer options on the student devices.

Kahoot.com to create

Kahoot.it to play

This is one of those things you never think about until you need it.

These two websites convert PDF files to word files for FREE!




It uses the camera on your smartphone to scan the answer sheets (using the key you create). Using my phone, I could grade quizzes super fast and it went into the computer in alphabetical order making it easy to transfer into the gradebook. I would print a 100 question answer sheet for my students (it will print with their name on it too- just remember to use their first names only for PII). I would have them use that page for all short quizzes; it saved on copies and the students loved that they got instant feedback. It costs like $7 a year, but it does offer a free trial. BONUS: It also does item and class analysis, so talk about a TIME SAVER especially if you are having to do written benchmark tests.


Allows for parents and students to opt in and receive text messages and/or e-mails from their teacher (with ZERO personal numbers revealed). There is a chat option for parents and students to ask questions (that can also be turned off for individuals or everyone). I used this feature to remind students about upcoming tests or events, seniors for all graduation related news, etc. I also took a picture of my weekly agenda and sent it out so students would know what was coming up. Bus Drivers have been using it to let parents know if they were running late, if there was a breakdown, etc.



With Skype, teachers can set up virtual field trips, guest speakers, classroom collaborations (from in district or across the world), and fun Mystery Skypes. Note: to Skype outside of the district, you will need to create a Skype account; the Skype for Business that is already on your account is for LPSB only. This website gives AWESOME video tutorials and overviews of using Skype in the Classroom.